One of my favorite wines anywhere.  I suppose at some time, this will be out of my price range, but for now, I always buy.  This seems to be a bit tighter than the 2015 at a similar stage but will no doubt someday flirt with a 100 point score.  Purple in color, opaque and shimmering bright.  The nose, after an hour or so of air, show cassis, coffee grounds, slight chocolate and spice.  Full bodied.  What a wonderful, almost seamless texture.  On the palate, cassis, blueberries, dark chocolate with underlying roasted herbs.  Maybe some floral qualities too.  Long finish.  This is deep and complex though tightly wound.  It keeps unwinding in the glass, but it is so delicious, the wine is finished before it opens all the way.  It needs another seven to ten years until peak and should drink well for the next twenty years or so.  

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