My first time trying this winery and I was very impressed though it had issues.  Golden in color, with a slightly green hue to it.  The nose smelled like fireworks or gun powder.  I lovve that smell but it was a bit controversial.  It also had a sweaty, wet wool sock note to it.  In short, there seems to be a lot of sulfur showing here not too unlike how JJ Prums used to show a decade or so ago when the wines were young.  None of that bothered me personally.  There is also some lemon and wet rocks.  On the palate, this has a nice texture.  None of the sulfur carries thru to the palate.  Lemons and minerals. With air, some peach emerges.  This is dry.  Works well with food.  Probably best to decant now or let it sit for five years or more.