This is 100% Nero D'Avola from Sicily.  $45 on the restaurant list, it seems to retail for around $30.  Fairly priced.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim.  There is a lot of barnyard on the nose.  Fair warning, I loved it but this may be off putting to some.  Seems to be brettanomyces which also leads to a bit of a yeasty note.  Our bottle was served at restaurant room temp so that probably encouraged a blooming of yeast.  Cooler stored bottles may be less pronounced.  Also a bit of cherries, tobacco and licorice.  On the palate, cherries, black cherries and slight forest floor.  There is a great texture to this wine which may best best quality.  Somewhat tart acidity, this works better with food, but we had no trouble finishing the bottle after the food was packed up (local neighborhood Italian places always have too much food).  Little tannins to speak of (in a Pinot-ish sort of way).  Good finish.  This is a really outstanding bottle of wine but the Brett makes it more love it or hate it.