From one of the more interesting vineyard areas anywhere, just to the west of Madrid and at around 3,000 feet in altitude with sandy soils  over granite, come some of the more interesting Garnacha (Grenache) wines to be found.  This one is amazing.  Purple in color with ruby swirls, mostly opaque and bright.  Great nose with cherries, cranberries, but also black raspberries and blueberries with baking spices, slight floral note (rose hips?) and slight earthiness/fresh mushrooms.  Full bodied.  Great energy and balance.  On the palate, black cherries with some black raspberries with underlying minerality.  Long finish.  Just a beautiful wine.  Great on its own, but will be better with food.  This would be a great pairing for venison or other game but also a vegetarian Paella.  Sadly, the price on this has skyrocketed lately (this bottle was purchased on release in Madrid).  

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