Some wines are special for more than what's in the bottle.  Such is this bottle.  My wife and I visited the Gredos are just west of Madrid, Spain and few years ago and were blow away by the beauty, the quality of wine and the people making it in an area that I had never heard of prior to planning the trip.  These are very old, high altitude vineyards on sandy soils growing Grenache which is being made by a whole new group of young winemakers.  And the wines are just a unique.  This is Garnacha but unlike any from other locations.  Very light garnet in color, clear and bright.  The nose is intense with cherries, slight pine/menthol, chalk and spice.  On the palate, this is quite intense and concentrated.  Cherries, slight liqueur, underlying char and an interesting salinity.  Great acidity.  Long finish.  It went very well with Cauliflower Schnitzel but would work with a wide variety of foods.  

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