Every year I get invited to a St. Joseph's day celebration by a friend who is originally from Molise.  It's a BYO event at a local hall with hundreds of people, tons of homemade food and a lot of fun.  I try to bring appropriate wines.  There are not a lot of wines made in Molisse and available here in the US.  This one retails for about $20 and is really good and a bit different.  Tintilia is the name of the grape.  I liked this vintage slightly more than a 2011 I had a couple  of years ago.  Purple in color. On the nose, this has black raspberries, a bit of smoke, and black olives.  Full bodied.  Some acidity but not a lot.  The palate has black raspberries and seems ripe.  Light tannins.  medium finish.  No idea how this ages but it went great with pasta and other Italian dishes.  A good value.  

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