It has been a long  time since I tried a bottle of this.  Back in the day, this wine was the poster child, good or bad, for the high alcohol, full throttle Australian Shiraz.  Lots of people said they would not age, but the fact is, if you liked that style then and still like it, it has aged fine.  This was the last vintage of this that I bought.  At age 11 years from vintage it tastes how I remembered.  Purple in color, opaque and bright.  The nose is big with some alcohol but also black raspberries, cassis, roasted meats and herbs and slight prune.  Full bodied.  The first sip packs a wallop.  With air and palate adjustment, it comes into focus.  Black raspberries, blueberries, roasted meats, slight camphor and cough drop.  Warming on the finish.  It is very tasty.  Great on its own, this will take big food.  t has not really aged in ten years, so who knows how long it will last.  Obviously, this is not a wine for everyone.  


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