From one of the top producers in the Veneto (and most expensive), this Valpolicella drinks like a very good Amarone.  Purple in color, ruby at the rim, mostly opaque and bright.  The nose has raisins, cherries, tar, graphite, and anise.  Full bodied.  Medium tannins.  Enough acidity.  This wine is dry but very high alcohol.  The palate shows the alcohol but plenty of cherries and prunes along with some underlying tar/asphalt.  Long finish.  At age 17, this is a big, high alcohol wine which may be off putting to some and wonderful to others.  It is great on its own but would work better with big food.  Braised, slow cooked beef would be a nice pairing.  Probably at or close to peak, but enough to go another ten years.   

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