This is in a beautiful place right now.  Pop and poour and consumed over three hours, it was gorgeous all the way thru.  Deep ruby in color, a bit lighter at the rim.  The nose is intoxicating with cherries, black cherries, just a slight bit of funk, roasted meats, dried floral notes and light spice.  On the palate, the texture is lovely.  Rich, but just barely with lots of energy.  Bright with plenty of depth.  Fresh cherries with underlying earthiness.  Tight layering that unwinds in the glass.  Nice finish.  This is not a blockbuster but it has all the parts in the right proportions.  It certainly seems to be at peak but well stored bottles should have at least five to seven more years.  This bottle was bought on release and stored properly.  It will go well with roasted fowl or veggies.  

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