Grahams is one of the top Port Houses.  Stylistically, it is usually one of the sweeter Ports of those top houses.  2003 was a very hot year in Europe.  Oddly enough, that meant many of the wines either got too ripe or they vines shut down and the resulting wines did not have enough stuffing.  This wine is in the former category.  How that plays out depends on your personal tastes.  Deep purple in color.  The nose is jammy with black raspberries and black raspberry candy.  On the palate, the jammy candied quality continues.  Lots of black raspberry fruit.  Not a ton of depth but some.  Some alcohol shows on both the nose and the palate.  A really long finish.  This is an excellent Port although it is on the sweet and jammy end of the spectrum.  Still some tannins and drinking young, it will be interesting to see where this goes over the next twenty years.  Would work great with a chocolate or raisin dessert in small portions.