An Internet wine friend passed away this week.  Although I never met him in person, we shared many discussions usually about German wines.  He took amazingly detailed notes.  This bottle was opened among people who knew him and shared with others with a toast.  AP 2 602 041 008 03.  Bought on release at a local wine store in Moreland Hills, Ohio (since changed ownership and moved).  The cork came out easily enough.  Medium golden in color.  The nose took a minute to blow off some bottle age, then showed nicely.  A slight diesel note along with wet rocks and slight pineapple.  On the palate, this has (presumably) lost a lot of sweetness as it has just a touch of sweet.  The minerals carry thru but there is more lemon than pineapple.  Lovely, slightly viscous texture.  Long food.  This would go with a wide variety of foods, but Thai sounds like a great match.  No hurry of course here, although seemingly mature, it will take a long and winding road over the next decade and more.