A fine showing for this wine.  At age 18, it is drinking well with plenty of time left.  This bottle was decanted for sediment and served.  It could have used an hour in the decanter or more to really open.  The last glass was the best.  Deeper ruby in color, mostly opaque.  The nose is clean for the most part.  Cherries, raspberries, some earthiness and nice minerality on the nose.  On the palate, this is medium to full bodied.  Plenty of depth with nice layering in the glass.  A lot of fruit left; cherries and raspberries and some black raspberries, over a dry earthy quality.  This bottle was bought on release and store well which is key for these wines as they age.  Nice balance.  Long finish.  This wine will go well with medium to heavy foods.  It has the acidity and complexity without being over powering.  No hurry, this should last a decade but it won't get any better from here.  

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