Your wine collection is valuable to you personally and perhaps even financially or historically. If you are contemplating moving your wine, there are several things you should consider before you do so.

Moving to Another State

If you are relocating to another state, you will need to check with the local alcohol beverage control authority in the state where your wine will be housed. There may be restrictions on the amount of wine you may bring into the state for personal use. This is especially important if you have a large wine collection. Some states may even still have dry counties that prohibit alcohol. Usually, dry counties prevent the sale of alcohol, but some may even limit the amount you may have in your home.

Size of Your Collection

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First of all, you will need to consider the size of your wine collection. If you have a few cases (10 or less) and you will be moving it a short distance, you might be able to transport your wine in our personal vehicle. That way you can make sure you can maintain a constant cool temperature through the heating and air conditioning controls in your vehicle and by the way the wine is packed. If you stop for longer than a gas fill up, the temperature inside your vehicle can be compromised.Large collections should be moved by professional movers. Some may need a temperature controlled truck. Even then, you will need to make sure that the vehicle isn’t sitting for long periods without the refrigeration unit on.


If you are moving wine more than a day’s travel by car, you should have it moved by a professional in a climate controlled van. Major moving companies such as United Van Lines and Mayflower have vehicles suited for the transport of large wine collections. These vehicles are ideal for large collections or ones containing delicate or fragile wines. Arrangements should be made well in advance of your move, and an additional fee is charged.

Some moving companies and wine transport facilities handle more than one collection within the same truck. Make sure that the truck isn’t left with the engine or the refrigeration off for long periods of time.

Time of Year

Another consideration is the time of year you will be moving. If you are planning your move in the winter or the heat of summer, you will need to take extra precautions. Under these extreme climate conditions, you will need to use a temperature/humidity controlled vehicle.

You might also consider shipping your wine by commercial airline, but it would need to be professionally packed by a moving company. You will also need to arrange for pickup from the airport and delivery to your new home in a climate controlled vehicle.