The Influence of Wine Critics: Are Consumers Getting Better Info or Just More Info? - IntoWineTV Episode 148

In this episode of IntoWineTV, host Lisa Kolenda and wine panelists Bartholomew Broadbent, Michael Cervin, and Richard Jennings discuss the influence of wine critics.  

The internet has given wine consumers access to a world of information about wine that was previously difficult to obtain, empowering them to become wine critics themselves, with literally thousands of wine blogs and social media accounts dedicated to wine.

What is the impact of the dilution of power from a pre-internet age when there were a few dozen influential wine critics to the present where there are thousands of micro-critics collectively shaping consumers perception about wine?

Are wine consumers getting better info or just more info? 

Who are the most influential voices in the world of wine reviews? 

How much impact do wine critics have on wine sales?

The panel discusses these issues and more. See previous IntoWineTV videos.


Bartholomew Broadbent, CEO of Broadbent Selections

Michael Cervin, Wine, Food, & Travel Writer,

Richard Jennings, Founder,