Wine Flights of Fancy

Variety is the spice of life, they say. So to prove “them” correct, my friends and I embarked on a mysterious and giddy wine flight tasting experience at top-rated San Francisco gem, Incanto . Wine flights are a foolproof way to sample many different types of wine, compare, contrast and discover new favorites that you never would have tried on your own. And what better place to sample delectable delights than Incanto,

A Zest for Zin

Welcome to Red on Reds I This feisty Italian redhead is dishing about all things red wine. Now please don’t misunderstand: I’m not a white hater - I mean, who wouldn’t love a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with a bowl of mussels? But we’ll stick to the world’s glorious canvas of reds. Think of this as an adventure: I’m your old college buddy who’s just talked you into a spontaneous road trip! Come enjoy the ride from a fellow wine lover (not expert) point of view and we’ll even unearth some lesser known varietals to branch out together. Let’s share stories, seek out new varietals, and soak up as much as we can along the way.