Blanc de Pinot Noir - BLAHNK duh PEA-know NWAHR
Burgundy - BURR-gun-dee
Cabernet Sauvignon - CAB-er-nay SAW-vin-YAWN
Carignane - KARE-in-yawn
Chablis - Shuh-BLEE
Chardonnay - SHAR-duh-nay
Chenin Blanc - SHEN-in BLAHNK
Fumé Blanc - FOO-may BLAHNK
Gewürztraminer - Guh-VERTZ-truh-mean-er
Grenache Rosé - Gruh-NOSH Roe-ZAY
Johannisberg Riesling - Joe-HAHN-iss-berg REEZ-ling
Meritage - MARE-eh-tedge
Merlot - Mer-LOW
Petite Sirah - Puh-TEET Ser-AH
Pinot Noir - PEA-no NWAHR
Semillon - SEM-ee-yawn
Zinfandel - ZIN-fun-dell

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