This was my second time trying this wine.  The first time was on it's own, but this time was in a blind tasting of Sparkling wines (mostly Champagnes) and it did not fare as well.  It showed fine, but was the groups and mine's last place wine.  That could be because it was so different as this is made from Greco di Tufo while most were made from Chardonnay or that it had less acidity than the others.  Blind tasting offers some levels of objectivity and then introduces other prejudices.  Context when drinking wine is very important.  In any event, this is light yellow gold in color.  The nose has a lime-aid quality to it.  Fruity.  On the palate, this is slightly sweet and candied compared to other wines on the tables.  Nice finish.  This wine should probably be consumed sooner than later.  It will work well with lighter fare or on its own.