Sineann is more well known for the Oregon and Washington wines, but they also make this gem in New Zealand.  Owner-winemaker Peter Rosback just can't sit still.  Screw capped.  Silvery/gold in color with a slight copper hue.  The nose is tight upon opening but with a bit of air open to show a nice minerality followed by gooseberries.  With more air a yellow lemonade note become prominent.  This has a lovely oily texture.  On the palate, the lemonade note is there right away followed by gooseberries and an interesting menthol tobacco note.  This has nice acidity.  A long finish that does show some warmth.  This is quite tasty.  It probably should be drunk in the next five to seven years although sooner let's one enjoy that fresh energy.  Great on its own, it will work well with lighter foods and salads.  

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