This is a great value in quaffable and enjoyable white wines.  Excellent winery that continues to make very good to great wines.  Torrontes come in (at least) three flavors, but I am not sure which strain of the varietal this is.  Like most wines from Argentina, this is grown at high elevations which tend to concentrate the flavors.  Light silvery/golden in color.  The nose is nice with notes of canned peaches in syrup.  Perhaps a bit of white flowers (honeysuckle?).  Light bodied but a slightly oily (in a good way) texture.  On the palate, it gives the perception that the wine will have some sweetness but it seemed dry.  Perhaps some residual sugar just under my threshold?  In any case, the peaches come thru but also a nice minerality underneath.  Quite easy to drink, especially as it started to warm a bit.  Probably best to drink in the next year or two to enjoy the vibrancy but should make a couple more after that.  This drinks well on its own and will work well with lighter or medium foods, but even a Pasta Alfredo would work well.  

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