This is 100% Pušipel which is another name for Moslavac, Šipon, Mosler, or Furmint.  It is light golden in color with the slightest copper hue to it.  The nose is interesting with some pear but also some hay and a slight melon note.  On the palate, this turns more to tart grapefruits with a bit of an herbal streak.  The wine itself is weighty with a perception of sweetness yet it drinks tart.  Looking it up later, there is apparently 7.7 g/l of residual sugar.  The finish does have just a hint of sweetness that gets lost among the tart grapefruit notes.  12% ABV on the label.  Another very interesting Croatian white wine.  With no experience to base this on, it seems this should be consumed over the next three or four years.  This should pair well with pork dishes.  

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