This is an IGP wine, a European designation that has replaced Vin d'Pays in France.   Isere is the mountainous region on the eastern border of France between Savoie and the Rhone.  This particular wine is made from Gamay.  Not surprisingly, this is a Lyle Fass Selection wine.  A very unique wine.  Garnet in color, mostly clear and bright.  The nose shows cherries, slight sour cherries, mint, damp earthiness and just a hint of floral.  Medium bodied.  On the palate, this is tart cranberries and cherries with a slight underlying funk.  It has strong acidity and accordingly, works better with food.  Beef stroganoff is a nice match.  This will probably go longer, but drink over the next five to eight years.  It is a very good wine, but one that should also be tried for its uniqueness.  

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