A Sauvignon Blanc from Austria, this was produced using sustainable farming methods.  12.5% ABV.  Silvery gold in color with a slight copper hue.  Clear and bright.  The nose is initially mineral driven but with a bit of air, some green pepper notes emerge.  With a bit more air, some lemons come out.  Finally, after almost two hours of air, there are some grassy notes along with some tropical fruit (papaya).  Fascinating to observe the evolution of the nose. Medium bodied.  Very clean.  On the palate, this remains mineral driven but a nice touch of lemon along with an interesting salinity.  Long finish.  There is some depth here.  It seems about on the transition point to being past prime, but the more air, the younger it showed.  Still, it probably should be consumed in the next few years.  This drinks great on its own and will work well with salads, sea food or lighter chicken dishes.  

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