This was a quite a nice surprise.  No idea as to how old the vines are but the first vintage this wine was made is 2002.  Deep ruby in color, clear and bright.  The nose has red berries; cherries, elderberries and red currants.  There is a slight, slight celery note as well which is there but hardly a distraction.  On the palate, this is delicious.  Deep with a nice complexity.  Soft texture but firm tannins.  Enough acidity.  Good cherry fruit with a slight red currant note.  Nice finish.  This seems like it is young and has some upside.  It should be good for five to ten more years.  Very food friendly with almost any foods.  It is a Kosher wine.  It retails for around $36 and is worth it for that quality.  Served to a group of friends, everyone commented on how good this wine is.  

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