This was $25 on a restaurant list but retails for between $15 and $20 making it a great value.  The grape is Lacrima.  My first time trying the grape and the wine.  Pop and pour.  The color is purple/ruby, mostly clear and bright.  On the nose, this is very interesting.  Plums, celery, and bitters (think Campari or Aperol).  Someone said oranges but I think it is more a bitters quality made from citrus, at least for me.  On the palate, this is hugely tannic.  Our bottle did not last long, so I am not sure if air would help or even how it ages.  There is plenty of fruit so maybe everything integrates over time.  There is a tart acidity that begs for food (it is Italian).  Black cherries and some plums.  Good finish.  First, it is always so interesting to try a different grape and Italy is just full of them.  Second, this is a very nice wine that worked well with an eggplant dish and bruschetta.  Some depth and complexity.  At this price, I might need to lay a bottle or two down just to learn more about how this ages.  12.5% Alc.