From a Garage winery that utilizes small plots of individual vineyards with older vines around Priorat.  The Torroja vineyard has vines that are 50 to 75 years old and are biodynamically farmed.  A blend of Garnacha and Carinena.   This seemed to be a love it or hate it wine in a recent tasting.  Interestingly, the label lists 13.5% abv which is pretty low for Priorat and probably why it might have difficulty in a comparative tasting with a lot of wines.  Purple in color, opaque and bright.  The nose has lots of spice along with black cherries and anise.  With air some minerals come out.  On the palate, this is delicious.  Concentrated.  Juicy black cherry fruit with underlying minerality.  It seems a touch ripe/sweet on the finish.  This probably should be consumed in the next decade.  It drinks better on its own but will work with bigger foods.  

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