Ohio actually has some of the longest wine making traditions in this country.  Prior to, and just after, Prohibition, the area along the southern shores of Lake Erie was one of the leading winemaking areas in the country.  These days, there are still many wineries producing many excellent whites and dessert wines, and the occasional quality red.  Most, however, follow the tourist model, often combining restaurants or Inns and providing entertainment in addition to serving their own wines.  The wine was from one of those.  That doesn't mean the wines are not good or worth buying. 

This particular wine is certainly good.  I did get a chuckle perusing their descriptors for this wine.   "Aromas of Citrus and wet cork"?  OK.  They might want to change that or open another bottle.  In any event, I liked this a bit more than that sounds.  Light golden in color, ever so slight copper shading.  On the nose, minerals, pear and perhaps light citrus.  On the palate, this is light bodied with minerals and slight pear.  A slight bitterness on the finish.  A fine enough wine if one is watching the sun set on Lake Erie on a warm summer evening (as is pictured on the very attractive label).  Or even just to sip on the back deck.  $20 is not unreasonable.