Something akin to the shot heard 'round the world on the dawn of American Revolutionary War, was heard in the wine world Sunday night, November 17, 1991. The event was the airing of The French Paradox segment on 60 minutes. The French Paradox was a term coined on that program to describe the apparent unlikely relationship between that fact that while the French, especially those in Southwestern France, eat inexcusable amounts of heart-stopping, artery-clogging saturated fats, smoke Gauloise cigarettes, and exercise very little, they have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world. Their moderate and daily consumption of red wine was given as the most likely reason for this phenomenon.

The program unleashed a red wine mainia. Within weeks of this program, sales of red wine in the United States, shot up 40% (about 2.5 million bottles)wine and health quoteand Gallo Winery had to put their leading brand, Hearty Burgundy, on allocation. The sales of red wine for the year following the broadcast was up 39%. American's had taken this health message to heart.

Wine & Health Quote
Wine & Health Quote
The Apostle Paul recommended to Timothy to drink wine for his stomach's sake and for his often infirmities. The Bible often makes references to the value of wine for health and enjoyment. Our ancestors knew of its aid to health when drunk in moderation. In fact, up until the 18th century, wine played a central role in medicine. Wine inhibits the growth of all micro-organisms that are the cause of disease in man. Because of its alcohol and acid content, they simple die in it.

In the modern world, wine is accepted as a healthful drink. Only in the United States are we once again, beginning to rediscover its value to society. For many years, we focused in the dangers of overindulgence. To be sure, there are dangers to the over-use of wine. The Bible too, warns of this. But in moderation, it is a healthy beverage.

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