Driving the Deutsche Weinstrasse

Our journey ended at the Deutsches Weintor in Schweigen-Rechtenbach.  This stone gate marks the border between Germany and France’s Alsace region.  It’s a great place to stop for photos.  The Weintor also serves as a focal point for local festivals and events.

Whether you hike, bicycle or drive, you’ll enjoy a trip down the Deutsche Weinstrasse.  The combination of scenic countryside, tasty local cuisine and high-quality wine makes any visit to the Weinstrasse truly memorable.

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Driving Notes:
From Neustadt, take the L 512 toward Hambach and Diedesfeld.   Just south of Hainfeld, the L 507 becomes the Deutsche Weinstrasse; it’s a turn toward the west.  The L 508 gets the honors in Frankweiler; the L 502 veers west while the L 508 heads south.  Past Eschbach, to the south, the B 48 becomes the Weinstrasse.  Finally, where the B 48 crosses the B 427, the B 48 turns into the B 38 and proceeds south toward the French border and the Deutsches Weintor  (German Wine Gate). 

The area around Neustadt-an-der-Weinstrasse was especially confusing, as the road isn’t called “Weinstrasse” in the northern part of Neustadt.  Look for the road marked “L 512” if you get lost, because that’s the road that eventually picks up the “Weinstrasse” name.  (Data from ViaMichelin)

If You Go:
Hotel-Restaurant Pfälzer Hof
Weinstrasse 85
67480 Edenkoben
Telephone 06323 2941

Weinkellerei Gries
Weinstrasse 29
76835 Rhodt
Tel:  06323 989313

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