Wine and food belong together. They have co-existed since their inception. Neither can be fully appreciated or enjoyed without the other. I hope to express my love for both and share with readers what I have learned. I feel it is of the utmost importance that we approach and discuss issues related to food and wine seriously with all the magnitude they deserve as we are losing our most precious traditions and it is up to those of us with the good fortune to have experienced them to educate others.

I have worked in San Francisco and Seattle at top restaurants with fabulous wine lists and talented sommeliers. I have apprenticed under them and been classically trained as a chef. I have lived in Italy and consider myself an Italian expert. While there I lived in Siena, in Tuscany and frequented Enotece and wineries. I studied cooking at a small cooking school outside of Siena and learned to appreciate the land and it’s bounty as much as the care you take in preparations of food and their wine pairings.

Italian varietals are being grown in the Willamette and Napa valleys, and even in Washington State with great success and I think it would be fun to explore comparisons. I have traveled to the northern regions of Italy as well where they produce wonderful whites and of course Barolo and Barbaresco, the kings of wine! I have also been to France and am infatuated with Champagne and its Italian brother Prosecco.

I like to approach wine as one of life’s great pleasures and demand to see it, in all its forms treated with the utmost respect and adoration. From artisanal techniques to seed sharing, storage and cultural relevance, wine is an indispensable global player. I hope to explore all of these areas more fully in my articles.

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