The Vibe: 
The name Sebastiani is arguably one of the the biggest in all of Sonoma County. A behemoth of a winery and tasting room, the Sebastiani Vineyards winery and testing room is an enormous operation with a European chateau feel to it. Sebastiani is located just a few blocks Northeast of Sonoma Plaza. While parking on premises is more than sufficient (it's like parking at a grocery store), it is worth walking from Sonoma Plaza and taking in the quaint neighborhood. There is plenty of grass and picnic tables for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy a bottle of wine and some lunch. Sebastiani even has its own small park on its Northeast corner for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tasting room. Sebastiani is ideal for corporate or private event hosting. Sebastiani conveys high quality in the same vein as you would expect from a high class resort like The Four Seasons. The wines are excellent, the building is beautiful, the service is crisp, knowledgeable and professional, and the grounds are landscaped with attention to detail. That said, Sebastiani is not unique. It's great at what it does and what it does is offer the full spectrum of the Sonoma wine country experience. It's not for those people who value the appeal of a Mom and Pop operation.
Not good for: 
  • People seeking something unique.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • A high quality winery experience. Sebastiani offers a broad spectrum of wines to taste.
  • A winery convenient to Sonoma Plaza.
  • A classy place to host a wedding or corporate event (with plenty of parking AND easy to find).
  • A winery that is visually appealing. The architecture, interior design, and landscaping are all impressive.
  • Large groups.
  • Winery Tours.