The Vibe: 
Ravenswood is a place that likes to kick back and relax. Unpretentious, Ravenswood is arguably the best winery in Sonoma at which to host a a wine barbecue. Another bonus is that, while it feels scenic and removed, it is only minutes from Sonoma Plaza.
Known For: 
Zinfandel, No Wimpy Wines!
Not good for: 
  • Corporate events or anything elegant.
  • Not particularly good for blanket picnics as Ravenswood is covered with foliage and lacks vast open lawn space.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Good Zinfandel and, as they say frequently at Ravenswood, "No Wimpy Wines".
  • People looking to picnic. They offer small picnic tables near the tasting room. However in the back lies a huge white tent with approx a dozen picnic tables, multiple barbecues, and plentiful serving areas.
  • People looking for winery tours.