The Vibe: 

The vibe at Imagery is one of wine, art, and nature. Imagery is a biodynamic winery so a huge emphasis is placed on preserving and embracing nature. Nature lovers will love walking the grounds to discover and encounter the bio-diversity. The tasting room is as much art gallery as it is wine bar as dozens and dozens of paintings adorn the walls. Imagery is known for its unique artist-commissioned wine labels so it is a must visit for label collectors. As for the wine, Imagery is a biodynamic farm with an emphasis on rare grapes and diversity in their wine offerings. A great place for oenephiles seeking to taste something new or unique.

Shares an access road with Arrowood Vineyards so a stop here on your wine trail is convenient for people looking to do more tasting and less driving.

Known For: 
Biodynamic wines, Rare grapes
Not good for: 
  • People seeking guided tours.
  • Large group events such as a wedding reception.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Wines made from rare or unique grapes.
  • A place to take in nature. Imagery embraces bio-diversity so this is a great place to catch a glimpse of wildlife.
  • Cool and interesting art.
  • Cool wine labels. Imagery wine labels are artist commissioned.
  • Blanket picnics. Lots of room to wander off for a quiet picnic.
  • Small group events. This is a good place for a family reunion, a rehearsal dinner, or a small corporate function. Picnic tables, a patio, a large open lawn, bocce ball and horse shoe pits exist.
  • Art related event hosting.