The Vibe: 
The first thing you notice - or DON'T notice- when you turn into the long driveway at the Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves is that the actual building is barely visible from the road.

In other words the access road (lets face it, "driveway" wouldn't do it justice) feels like it takes you through a half mile of grape vines before you actually see the building.

Crisp, elegant, and professional as opposed to warm and relaxed, the building itself consists of a winery, tasting room, and plenty of rooms for private events. The views from the terrace embody the image of the sprawling Sonoma vineyard.

Gloria Ferrer offers public tastings, tours, picnic tables, and is very well equipped for event hostings.

Known For: 
Sparkling wine
Not good for: 
  • Anything laid back. It's crisp and professional as opposed to "blanket on the grass" warm.
  • Group picnics. They have picnic tables on their terrace but it is more cafe style.
  • The kids. They will be bored quickly as in a high end restaurant. Older kids may enjoy the tour.
  • People looking for beautiful architecture or landscaping.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Good sparkling wine (champagne style).
  • A place to host an elegant or professional event such as a wedding reception or a corporate function.
  • A winery tour.
  • A good view across a vineyard while you sip sparkling wine.