The Vibe: 

Visiting Far Niente Winery is a truly unique experience. You can tour the gardens and wine caves, and each is an adventure within itself.

Thirteen acres of stunning gardens surround the property. In the spring, over 8,000 Southern azaleas create a colorful landscape visible from miles away. According to the website, "Stately and resplendent, the historic stone winery emerges like a mirage at the end of the drive through the Windland Garden." The caves, spanning 40,000 square feet, are also a sight to see.

Then there's the classic car collection, housed in the Carriage House on the winery grounds. You'll find treasures from Italy, Britain, Germany, and America, including a number of vintage BMW motorcycles.

As for the wine, visitors consistently rave about both the Cabs and Chardonnay, cementing Far Niente as a must-visit spot.

Known For: 
Cabernet Sauvignon/Chardonnay
Not good for: 

-Weddings or large parties
-People under 21 (not allowed on site)
-Drop-in tasting

Particularly good if you are seeking: 

-Extremely cultured tours (great for history buffs)
-Nature lovers/green thumbs
-Car experts
-Food and wine pairng