The Vibe: 
The first thing you notice about Cline Cellars is that there are rose bushes everywhere.

An unpretentious old country home, Cline offers expansive picnic areas, a half dozen fountains and pools (no swimming), a bird zoo, and just plenty of beautiful flowers, trees, and plant life to make for a peaceful day at the winery.

Cline offers public tastings. Winery tours are by appointment. The grounds are quite spread out so finding some privacy for an intimate picnic is relatively easy.

Cline is also home to the California Mission Museum which showcases handcrafted models of all twenty one California Missions made for the 1939 World's Fair.

Known For: 
Not good for: 
  • Anything elegant. Cline has a country feel to it.
  • Those seeking to purchase hot/cold food.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Good Zinfandel.
  • A place to picnic (large or small).
  • A family friendly winery (Cline has a bird zoo and plenty of "running around" space).
  • To host an event (Ideal for a family reunion type of event or some styles of weddings).
  • Beautiful flowers, fountains, and lush green trees in a "nap on a blanket" environment.
  • A winery tour (schedule in advance though).