The Vibe: 

Stopping at the BV tasting rooms in Rutherford is particularly convenient because (1) they’re located right across the parking lot from the Rutherford Grill, so if the line is long at the restaurant, or if you’re famished after you’ve completed a round of tasting, you can easily walk to your next destination, and (2) they’re also right next to the Elizabeth Spencer tasting room. So again, if you’re not up to jumping back into the car right away, you’ve got another option.

The regular, well-staffed BV tasting room is a round-ish room with warm wood walls and bona fide tapestry hanging on one side (a nod to their best-selling Tapestry reserve). Down a flight of stairs is a small shop where one can pick up a souvenir t-shirt, hat, or gourmet food product. A few steps away, a separate building houses the reserve tasting room, where two (also well-staffed) counters allow for tastes of their reserve wines. The winery boasts its 100 year history of winemaking, and notes that it was the only Napa Valley winery to survive prohibition by selling wine to the church.

Known For: 
Rutherford Cabernet, Tapestry Reserve
Not good for: 
  • Large groups
  • Kids, pets
  • Events
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Napa Valley history buffs
  • People looking to dine at the Rutherford Grill