The Vibe: 

Bartholomew Park Winery is -as its name implies- park like. Set in the rolling hills a few miles Northeast of Sonoma Plaza, Bartholomew is quaint, breezy, green, and soaking in Sonoma history. Picnic tables are strewn throughout the grounds making Bartholomew an ideal place for a cozy picnic. Word has it the Wall Street Journal named it Sonoma's best place to "pop the question".

Known For: 
Reds, Cabernet,
Not good for: 
  • Big event hosting. Unfortunately they are not equipped to host weddings.
  • People seeking to buy food with their wine.
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • To taste reds.
  • A place for a cozy picnic. Though not ideal for large groups or barbecues. Bartholomew is where you go for a quiet romantic picnic, not to party.
  • Guided tours. 
  • A place to "pop the question".
  • To appease the curious or the history buff. Bartholomew is home to a fine museum with fine displays covering the evolution of Sonoma wine country.
  • To enjoy the outdoors. Hiking trails are available for those looking to explore.