The Vibe: 

If you’re a buff of just about anything – art, architecture, the history of winemaking, great landscaping, or riding your bike- then this place is for you. Artesa has something for everyone, beginning with fountains that greet you at eye level as you make your way up to the tasting room. One of the few wineries with an artist in residence, Artesa decorates its grounds with sculpture and glass installations by Gordon Huether.

Once you enter the winery, you can make your way through an extensive maze of distinct rooms. First, there’s a lounge-type area, with a greeter at a desk, some big artwork on the walls, and a couple modern looking couches. Past the lounge is the spacious tasting room, with a long bar at one end and a hip, gallery type space beyond. Several small tables make for cozy seating for couples or small groups, and art lovers can work their way around the room, glass in hand, examining the installed pieces.

If you don’t go out on the terrace from there, to gaze into the gorgeous distance, you can proceed into the museum space, where a handful of artifacts from Artesa’s parent company (the Spanish Codorniu Group), including a giant wine cask, line up against a wall for your inspection. Between the running water of the fountains and the gallery and museum spaces, Artesa offers a quiet, even peaceful environment in which to enjoy some pretty acclaimed wines. Also, there are bike racks in the parking lot, in case you’re wining and biking.

Known For: 
Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
Not good for: 
  • Kids (unless they like art)
  • Pets
  • Shoppers
Particularly good if you are seeking: 
  • Art Buffs
  • Architecture Buffs
  • History Buffs
  • Small groups
  • Small to mid size corporate events (receptions for no more than 200 people)