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In June 1997 Decanter magazine named Bartholomew Broadbent one of the “fifty most influential in the wine world…the faces to watch in the new millennium”.

In June 1997 Decanter magazine named Bartholomew Broadbent one of the “fifty most influential in the wine world…the faces to watch in the new millennium”. Today, he has expanded from his pivotal role in the breathtaking growth of Port and Madeira to “exert a profound influence on the US wine market”. Profiled by Wine Spectator in 1986 and Market Watch “The Pioneer of Port” in May 2008, Bartholomew, son of the legendary Michael Broadbent, is now one of America’s leading wine importers. His speaking circuit includes major cruise lines, wine festivals, including Food&Wine’s Classic in Aspen [for over 20 years]. He is radio KFOG’s “Wine Guy” and hosts a webtv show here at IntoWine.com. He is amongst America’s top wine educators. His company, Broadbent Selections, Inc. was nominated one of the top five wine importers by Wine Enthusiast in 2005 and has been named one of the “100 Fastest Growing Companies” by Dun & Bradstreet in Entrepreneur magazine. He makes Port, Madeira and Vinho Verde in Portugal under the Broadbent name and he is a 50% partner in Dragon's Hollow, the pioneering winery in China. Some of the famous brands imported by Broadbent include Quinta do Crasto, Chateau Musar and Spy Valley.

Bartholomew Broadbent Thinks:

A fair restaurant corkage fee is: 


A tell-tale sign of a wine snob is: 

Someone who quotes wine scores at a social occasion, or is that just a beginner?

The wine region I most want to visit: 

Can't think of any I haven't been to, other than oddities like Brazil and India. To return to? The Douro.

My "wish list" of wines I want to acquire soon: 

The new finds that are as good as any but still affordable, this is the advantage of being in the wine trade.

My biggest wine pet peeve: 

Is that I like to drink a glass of white wine with dinner and half a bottle of red. This is not possible if wines are too alcoholic. It is a practical reason for the pet peeve because I acknowledge that on occasion a wine above 14% alc is good. Just not practical.

My favorite wine quote: 

You cannot get a headache from natural wine, a headache is only caused by bad wine or additives in wine.

My dream wine to one day taste or own: 

A modern day Napa wine with around 12.5% alcohol and restraint, like they almost all used to be in the 1980s - just don't let the grapes get so horribly ripe!

The best wines I have ever tasted: 

I recommend buying my father's book, Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine. They can be found in there.

The people with whom I most often enjoy wine: 

Interesting, clever, adventurous or funny people - or the ones who want to buy it from me! The ones I least enjoy are the ones who only want to talk about wine! Yawn

The last wine I had that I absolutely loved: 

Chateau Musar

What I think of the movie Sideways: 

Had some very funny moments.

My thoughts on the 100 point rating scale made famous by Robert Parker and emulated by seemingly everyone: 

I object to this "seemingly everyone" quote. Great tasters like Jancis Robinson and Michael Broadbent don't. I never use it myself. I only wish that those reviewing wines would include alcohol levels with their reviews.

My wine travels have taken me to the following wine regions: 

blah, blah, blah

Bartholomew Broadbent's Tasting Notes

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