First, these grapes are supposedly (and I have no reason not to believe) from vines planted in 1880 and grown on their own roots in a very sandy soil near the Hungarian border with Serbia.  The label lists the alcohol at 11.4% abv and interestingly says it has an unlimited shelf life.  This is a "natural wine" according to the wineries web site.  It is pale ruby in color, very cloudy and flat.  On the nose, there is slight brett coming across as sweaty socks with some light but pure cherry fruit.  It is light bodied but has a nice depth and complexity on the palate.  Black cherry and cherry fruit with some underlying earthiness.  Strong acidity.  This begs for lighter foods.  It worked well with soft cheese.  Apparently, it lasts forever, but still, I would drink in the next few years.  That said, there is no vintage or even Lot number on the label so who knows how old it is already.  I paid around $20 for it, and at that price, it is worth taking a chance on for a very unique ride.  


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