This is a sparkling wine from Armenia made from the Muscat grape.  The secondary fermentation happens in tanks not bottles which is a pretty successful process used in Eastern Europe and Asia to make inexpensive sparkling wines.  Tasted with a group, lots of comparisons to Asti Spumante or Martini & Rossi wines which is fair, but this beats most of those in price.  Light golden in color, clear and bright.  A nice froth of larger bubbles which leaves the glass quickly.  The nose has nice peach notes with some minerality.  On the palate, there is some carbonation.  Slightly sweet but not over the top.  The comparisons to Asti spumante are accurate, but this has less acidity.  Long finish.  Overall, this is interesting if not amazing and fairly priced.  Drink now.  This will work better without food but will work with lighter fruit salads.  

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