This wine is made from Gewurztraminer using "an ancient Madeira style technology" using very ripe late harvest grapes.  One can only assume that means it was fortified and perhaps oxidized/heated as it was kept outside in barrels for 12 months.  It is 15% abv.  At the end of the day, it is a bit unusual, but very nice and if looking for a dessert wine that is Kosher for Passover, offerings are limited.  An unusual color and a pale orange with some light ruby notes, clear and bright.  The nose has lychee nuts but also a bit of orange peel, some vanilla, alcohol and a woody note.  Medium bodied.  Slightly viscous.  On the palate, lychee, orange and vanilla.  Long finish with some alcohol and heat.  This is really different and hard to rate but in the end, this was really a nice way to finish a Seder.  It works well with chocolate and flourless cakes and is nice on its own.  

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