My first time trying the Juhfark (pronounced YOU-fahrk) grape.  The term refers to the elongated shape of the grape bunches. Juhfark is grown on the small volcanic hill of Somló near Lake Balaton.  In the 1800's the grape was said to help newlyweds conceive make heirs if consumed on their honeymoon.    11% ABV.  Green/gold/silver in color.  The nose has pear, minerals, light citrus and salinity.  Also a bit of firecracker.  This is lean and clean on the palate.  Bracing acidity.  Tart green apples with a long finish and plenty of minerality.  This may be a bit too lean and/or acidic for some, but it was truly enjoyable.  It works better with food.  Sushi would be a nice choice but lighter foods in general.  Just a guess, but it seems like it should be consumed in the next three to five years.  

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