This is made from the Koshu grape in Japan.  Koshu is a hybrid of Vitis Vinifera and some other Asian Vitis species that arose probably 1,000 years ago from the Caucasus via the Silk Road.  Most of the production is in the Yamanashi prefecture.  Traditional an eating grape, it has been used for wine production since the 1870's.  It is a white grape and the wine is a medium golden in color, clear and bright.  There is a slight floral note with minerals and slight apricot on the nose.  Slightly oily texture which is nice.  On the palate, the apricots come thru along with a bit of almonds.  Slightly bitter on the finish.  While not a great wine, it is a good wine with nice acidity.  This bottle seemed fresh at age six, but it probably won't go much further (just a guess).  Probably better with food such as pasta (or, yes, rice) or seafood.  Is it worth the money?  Maybe once.  

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