This was stood upright for a couple of weeks.  There is a ton of sediment, so it was decanted.  I have liked this wine on many occasions.  It is an oddball white from the border of northeast Italy and Slovenia.  This is Robolla Gialla grapes fermented on its skins.  And, this was disappointing.  It was ahrd to pinpoint what was going on, but this seemed a bit lifeless.  That is the opposite of what this wine has offered in the past.  Going back to it after a few hours, there had been no change.  Of course, it possible it's too old, but that should not be the case.  It's possible it was an off bottle.  Who knows.  I have a couple more in the cellar, so I will need to revisit this.  Apple cider in color, and cloudy.  This was correct for this wine.  The nose has a nice minerality and a hint of lemons.  On the palate, this is bitter, tart with slight granny smith apples.  The finish is drying.  At the end of the night, half the decanter was still left and dumped (after 5 hours).  I love these wines, and while I know they can be an issue for some, that was not the problem.  Prior bottles, I had scored 93 points.  Oh well, off bottles happen.  


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