This was a fascinating wine.  From a 500ML bottle.  Muskateller is from the Muscat family of grapes.  Although it is a white grape, it was very dark in color.  The bottle was 26 years old and the wine had seeped up to the top of the cork.  That said, it was a very nice showing.  Deep brown with tinges of red and orange, clear and bright.  The nose is great with honeyed figs, peaches and also blood oranges.  Viscous and sweet, not cloying.  On the palate, there is nice acidity.  The honeyed figs come thru and also a cherry note.  Long finish.  Complex and delicious.  This should have a long life ahead.  No sign of it slowing down despite the cork and age.  It drank great on its own but would work well with a less sweet fruit dessert (although not chocolate).  


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