Germany’s Mittelrhein: Land of Wine and Legend

Bacharach’s town website lists 19 wineries in its “All About Wine” section. Some well-known wineries, like Weingut Fritz Bastian and Weingut Helmut Mades, don’t have websites, so you might want to jot down a list of winery telephone numbers and addresses. Other wineries, such as Weingut Toni Jost – Hahnenhof and Weingut Ratzenberger, do have websites in both German and English. You can also take the random approach and stop by wine shops in Bacharach to ask about the local vineyards and purchase wine. You can even rent a guest apartment at Weingut Ratzenberger, should you find you just can’t bear to leave.

Beyond the Mittelrhein: Rüdesheim

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There’s plenty more to see along the Rhine, including the popular historic town of Rüdesheim at the southern end of the valley. There’s a bit of everything here, because Rüdesheim is not only a picturesque town but is also a gateway to both the Mittelrhein and Rheingau wine regions. If you’re hungry, head to the Drosselgasse, in the historic part of Rüdesheim. The Drosselgasse is no longer just an old alley; it’s been transformed into a street of restaurants, wine bars and music venues. After your meal, you can walk, bicycle or even skate along the many paths that crisscross the Rüdesheim area.

Rüdesheim is also a good place to begin a day cruise along the Rhine. KD Line, Bingen-Rüdesheimer Fahrgastschiffart and Rössler Lines offer round-trip day cruises, one-way tickets and wine tasting trips. You can get on and off the boats to sightsee if you wish.

The Mittelrhein presents the best of Germany – history, scenery, culture and wine – in the most romantic of settings. Whether you plan to spend an afternoon, day or long weekend in the Rhine valley, you’ll leave wishing you had more time to linger.

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