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Loren Sonkin resides in Cleveland Ohio with his wife, son, daughter. He is an attorney in private practice but dreams of traveling the world visiting wineries. And in fact, he has made friends with many wine makers and wine lovers around the world. Although he likes wines from almost everywhere, his favorite wine region is Italy. The great wines of Italy provide immense pleasure for him but so do the obscure wines that are priced at a point where they can be enjoyed on any table. His journey from wine appreciation, to enthusiast to what some might refer to, as being a wine geek has been one of fun and constant learning. He was the first person certified as an Aficionado of Wine under the Robert Parker- Kevin Zraly Wine Certification program and the second person certified as a Connoisseur of Wine . He has been invited and served as wine tasting judge for both homemade wines and winery competitions. Loren has been the winemaker an co-proprietor at SonkinCellars which can be found at www.SonkinCellars.com.

Loren Sonkin can be contacted at Loren@IntoWine.com.


Loren Sonkin Thinks:

A fair restaurant corkage fee is: 

Anything the restaurant charges and you are willing to pay.

A tell-tale sign of a wine snob is: 

Someone who thinks they know more than they really do.

The wine region I most want to visit: 

Tahiti. Do they make wine there? If not, then, I look forward to someday visiting Piedmonte.

My "wish list" of wines I want to acquire soon: 

Massetto is probably at the top of the realistic list. Of course, Petrus and Romanee-Conti would be nice too.

My biggest wine pet peeve: 

Escalating prices.

My favorite wine quote: 

Tradition is only an experiment that worked.
Emile Peynaud (famed Bordeaux Enologist) discussing the Super Tuscan movement.

My dream wine to one day taste or own: 

1947 Cheval Blanc

The best wines I have ever tasted: 

1989 La Mission Haut Brion or 2001 d'Yquem

The people with whom I most often enjoy wine: 

Family and friends.

The last wine I had that I absolutely loved: 

1991 Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon Estate
I brought this with me ($20 corkage). Decanted when I got there, we drank it about 45 minutes later. This line is rocking. Ruby in color, while no signs of browning, it is starting to show some age. The color extends all the way out and is a bit lighter. Great nose of cassis, tobacco, just a hint of bell pepper with great complexity. Full bodied. On the palate, this is layered and complex with cassis, cherries, a dried tobacco component, slight tannins. It got better in the glass all night. As we finished the last sip, after about an hour, it was still improving. No harm in waiting, but this bottle was drinking great right now.

What I think of the movie Sideways: 

I enjoyed it. Some great lines. "Miles, you didn't drink and dial?"

My thoughts on the 100 point rating scale made famous by Robert Parker and emulated by seemingly everyone: 

I like points but, only as a short hand method to put the actual tasting note into context.

My wine travels have taken me to the following wine regions: 

Italy (Tuscany), France (Burgundy, Rhone, Provence, Bandol) , California, Oregon, Ohio, Niagara, Finger Lakes, Massachusets, Virginia, Michigan.

Loren Sonkin's Tasting Notes