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2014 Antigal Malbec 1, Argentina, Mendoza, Wine Review

This is an inexpensive crowd pleaser made from the Malbec grape.  Available for under $15 almost everywhere.  Purple in color.  The nose has plums and slight cherries.  On the palate, this has slight tannins.  Easy drinking.  Plums that are ripe and just a hint of sweetness.  Clean finish.  Solid all the way around and a great choice for parties.  This will last a few years but its not made for long term cellaring.  Friendly with hearty foods.  

2015 Allamand Saint Jeannet, Argentina, Mendoza, Wine Review

Saint Jeannet is a rare white wine grape.  This is one of the few bottlings that use it.  Light golden in color.  The nose has limes, asparagus and a metallic quality.  The palate is a bit better and more about minerals.  A bit of citrus.  Decent acidity.  Nice enough finish.  This retails for around $10 and for that price, this is good value.  

2003 Weinert Malbec - IntoWineTV Episode 29

In this episode of IntoWineTV, host Lisa Kolenda and wine experts Bartholomew Broadbent and Pamela Busch convene at San Francisco's CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen for a blind tasting and discussion of 24 different wines made by women. Theme: Wines by Women. In this tasting IntoWine is featuring wines...