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Napa Valley: The Land, the Wine, the People by Charles O'Rear

When National Geographic sent Charles O'Rear to photograph a little-known region of Napa Valley for a book about rural America, he was immediately enthralled by the area�s natural beauty and vibrant tradition of winemaking. He soon made the valley his home and in the twenty-three years since, he has watched it grow from an obscure, secluded hollow in the California landscape to an internationally recognized food and wine destination.

Washington Wine Country

Robert M. Reynolds (Photographer) and Judy Peterson-Nedry
From The Publisher:
Washington Sate is known for its apples, its rainy climate, and its dramatic scenery. But did you know that over one hundred wineries call Washington home, and that the state ranks number two in wine production nationwide? This new book comes to us from the wine-savvy duo of author Judy Peterson-Nedry, one of the world's foremost experts in Northwest Wines, and photographer Robert M. Reynolds, whose luminous images of Northwest life are unparalleled. Together, they bring to life the vineyards of the countryside and the people of the industry, from the largest winery to the smallest grape-grower.
About the Author
Robert M. Reynolds is a graphic designer and photographer with Reynolds/Wulf Design of Portland, Oregon. His ability to balance the two disciplines lends a unique perspective to the books and print materials he creates. Reynolds has won awards for his work in both industrial and institutional areas. His photographs appear in OREGON'S NATIONAL FORESTS and OREGON WINE COUNTRY, both published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing. Reynolds and his family are lifetime Northwest residents.

The Wines of the South of France: From Banyuls to St. Raphael by Rosemary George

A comprehensive guide to all the wines of the Midi, from Banyuls, next to Spain, to the Italian frontier on the east, as well as the island

Wine for Dummies DVD Hosted by Sterling Roig

Wine for Dummies DVD: the visual companion to the acclaimed book with more than 500,000 copies in print, is an accessible, unpretenti

French Champagne by Nicole Etienne

French Champagne

Title: French Champagne
Artist: Nicole Etienne
Type: Art Print

Summer Picnic by Lowell Herrero

Summer Picnic

Title: Summer Picnic
Artist: Lowell Herrero
Type: Art Print

Lavender Field by Lowell Herrero

Lavender Field

Title: Lavender Field
Artist: Lowell Herrero
Type: Art Print

Fall Vineyard by Lowell Herrero

Fall Vineyard

Title: Fall Vineyard
Artist: Lowell Herrero
Type: Art Print

Uncorked by Nicole Etienne


Title: Uncorked
Artist: Nicole Etienne
Type: Art Print

Wine Bar by Nicole Etienne

Wine Bar

Title: Wine Bar
Artist: Nicole Etienne
Type: Art Print

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